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Apartment Hunting Tips – Basic Rights

Apartment Hunting Tips
If you are looking for apartments for rent in Philadelphia or for a house to buy in the suburbs, you need to know some basic rights of tenants and the properties’ regulations regarding them.

Renting an apartment requires one to have a comprehensive knowledge of his rights. This crime-free apartment sharing is one of aspects that the landlords or managers should bear in mind along with the regulations of renting two or more dwelling units.

1. The monthly rent should be paid on time. This requires registered deposits.

2. Due to the on time payment of rent, the owner has a right to retain the security of all the deposits.

3. The tenants cannot be deprived of the utilities. This can be evident from all the utilities in the building and if they are due for use. The property’s utility bills should also be paid on time. Sometimes the tenant is also required to give a certified check to pay the bills.

4. Tenants should inform the owner or manager about their intention to vacate the property. This must be made clear at the very beginning itself and no action is holders gravely bound) and the owner or manager cannot act until such notification is received.

5. Any authorized visitors or repairs are allowed to stay within the property but they need to inform the proper authorities beforehand. But it must be noted that:

a) The tenant has right to privacy,

b) The owner or his designated agent makes request for repairs and maintenance and its responsibility to compensate for same. But the owner or his representative can not demand for any personal or sensitive information from the tenant or the tenant’s personal friends.

c) The owner or his representative can make emergency inspection to the property during the tenant’s absence to determine damages already existing and also do some repair to the property. There is no need to inform then that damage has already been done. However, for the repairing of damages, the owner or his representative should personally visit the property. And

d) No changes or alterations can be made to the property without the consent of the owner or his representative.

6. The tenants need to inform the owner or his representative if there are any damage or repair done to the property. If these are noted down, it becomes essential for the owner or his representative to visit the said property to determine the existing damages and also the cost of these repairs. It becomes the tenants’ responsibility to determine the priority of any repairs.

7. Tenants should take responsibility for repairing damage to the property caused by their own negligence or negligence.

8. It is important to respect other tenants visiting the apartment. Don’t disturb them except when you are absent.

9. It is also important to respect the privacy of the other tenants and their belongings. Don’t remove their things or their belongings.

10. Tenants should notify the owner or his representative immediately if they have observed any suspicious activities in the building especially if the tenant has been discovered by any neighbor in the apartment.

These basic rights of tenants should serve as a guide in order for tenants to live a crime-free apartment share with ease.